Have you noticed? The coaching and consulting field is becoming mighty crowded. Nowadays you can’t go to a networking event without bumping into several life coaches, health and wellness experts and of course, branding consultants.

And now because of all this “competition,” the challenge of getting new clients has increased.


Right now, if you are a coach or consultant who wants to grow your business, you need to distinguish yourself from others. Just be sure you don’t wait too long; as hesitation will cause certain windows of opportunity that are present right now. While everyone else is busy posting things on Social Mediaor networking without much to show for it, you can cut through the clutter and attract the right prospects to you. (And I don’t mean “attract” in the woo-woo sense. I mean hit them between the eyes as the PERFECT solution for them so they come find you!)

Best of all, this strategy of standing out works ONLINE or OFFLINE. Wherever you decide to put your marketing time and dollars – your efforts actually pay off.


Imagine going to a networking event, standing up to introduce yourself, giving your 20-second Elevator Speech and having people smile in recognition, nod their heads and before you even sit down, someone passes you their business card and says, “Call me. I need your help!” The good news is this can happen and DOES happen, when you know HOW. At Stand Out Live, you will learn the exact steps to creating the perfect message for your ideal clients and then getting that message out in the marketplace so they can come to you! You will learn everything you need to know and be given time to actually IMPLEMENT what you’ve learned. (No sending you out the door with all these strategies to implement and a “Good luck!” We designed the event with implementation in mind and coaches to help you out when you get stuck.)

Essentially, Stand Out Live is your “license” to create your own marketplace so that you can rise above the noise of the competition.

This year at Stand Out Live, we’re zeroing on three specific areas:
Target Market

Why? Because nailing these three areas in your business is the key to standing out and above those who do what you do. These three areas flow from your own uniqueness and why you do what you do (some might think of it as their purpose or mission!).

Think about it. If you introduce yourself as a Health & Wellness Coach, you aren’t any different than any other Health & Wellness Coach.

But if you are a Crohn’s Disease Recovery Specialist or a Fibromyalgia Fitness Coach, I can guarantee heads are going to turn when you introduce yourself. And they are going to turn by people who have or know someone who has those ailments.

In other words, with these areas perfectly honed, you can move quickly to establish yourself as the leading authority to help your target market and people will approach you for themselves or because they have a referral for you.

How sweet is that?

Here’s just a snapshot of what we’ll be covering when you join us at Stand Out Live.  

Choose Your PERFECT Target Market…

We’ll start by teaching you a super shortcut to find out exactly who your ideal client is, what they WANT and more importantly, what they WILL PAY YOU FOR. We will go deeper than just identifying them, we will help you figure out what they call themselves (oh-so-important when marketing to them so they hear you above all the “white noise”) and where they hang out so you can position yourself right in front of them.  

Tell Your Story…

When you join us at Stand Out live, we’ll teach you how to tell your personal story in a deeply moving and compelling way (don’t worry – no “waterworks” required) that has your perfect prospects immediately resonate and want to work with you.

Bottom line: People will choose to work with you over others because they believe that you understand and empathize with where they are.


Magnetize Your Prospects…

Nobody likes to “chase” prospects. As a matter of fact, it’s why most of us only call or email people once or twice when we KNOW it takes 8 to 10 touches to get the sale. Well watch what happens when your “message” speaks right to your prospect’s heart. No matter what media you are using – online or offline – they will flock to you! No chasing required!  

Master Your Message…

If you’ve ever had trouble answering the question “what do you do?” our 3-step formula to crafting and delivering a KILLER Elevator Speech will have your ideal prospects SEEKING YOU OUT at networking events. The best part? We will work with you during the event to get it to the point where the other participants say, “I’d want to work with her!”  

Marketing To The Masses…

Perhaps you’ve been told to do “content, education-based marketing” but when you sit down to pour out your brilliance, nothing comes. We are going to give you the templates to create an easy 3-Step Email Marketing Campaign that is proven to get results. When you take your message beyond one-to-one interaction and learn how to deliver it in a powerful way to many people (through email, Social Media, your blog, etc.) you increase your reach and leverage your opportunities to connect with prospective clients.  

Monetize Your Friends, Fans & Followers…

No matter how big your “list”, it doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to convert them into clients. There are simple strategies to get clients immediately from your visitors, contacts and subscribers without being a Social Media Ninja or spending a fortune. We will share what works, what doesn’t work and how to turn the time you are spending on Facebook (c’mon, admit it) into sales.


You know how many programs will say “this event isn’t for everyone?” Well we have a slightly different opinion. We believe this event IS for MOST coaches and consultants.

As a matter of fact from what we witness at most networking events and conferences, MOST coaches and consultants are blending into the background rather than standing out!

However there are a few people who won’t like our event:

  1. You aren’t ready to work. It’s helpful if you have a proven track record of taking action and implementing what you learn. While this program is designed to help you implement the information, we can’t do the heavy lifting for you.
  2. You aren’t open to feedback. Sometimes people are very committed to what isn’t working. It doesn’t matter how much you love your tagline, your website, or your business card, please be open to feedback. It is meant to help you grow your business.
  3. You are a Negative Nellie. We are a pretty positive bunch of people and we tend to attract other positive people. But occasionally we will get someone who insists on being a victim and likes to complain (“it’s too cold in here” or “he talks too fast”) rather than ask for what they want. If this is you, please do everyone a favor and stay home!

We understand that when it comes to business-building programs, you’ve heard it all before. Learn a system that will “generate millions” all for $9.97. So instead of us going on and on about all the results you can create, we figured we would let our clients share what they have experienced from our programs.

“They are so clear about what I have to do…I go do it and it works!”

I’ve been working with Income180 for a month and a half and I have increased my income by 200%. Chris & Nancy are so clear about what I have to do next and I just go do it and it works. Their program has totally made a difference in my business. I tell everyone about them because they rock!

Dana Corey - www.modernrelationshipexpert.com

“I got clarity and a much quicker way of getting to where I wanted to be”

Prior to working with Chris and Nancy, I knew where I wanted to go with my business and could actually see it. But the direction to get there wasn’t very clear. Chris and Nancy gave me not only clarity but a much quicker way of getting there. Since starting my coaching with them I have almost tripled my monthly income. Because of them and my implementation my business has exploded! Chris and Nancy are amazing and I couldn’t imagine how long it would have taken me to get where I am now if it wasn’t for them!

Alicia Thompson - Small Print Company, Rochester, NY

“Following the 3-step email marketing campaign, I generated $7,757.00 in sales…"

"I had never marketed to my ‘list’ before probably because I don’t consider myself a very good writer. But following Nancy’s 3-step email marketing campaign, I finally put a promotion out to my list and it generated $7,757.00 in sales…all in one of the traditionally slowest months of the year!”

Caitlyn BomPhotographer - BomshellNewYork.com



As a coach or consultant, you time really is money! That’s why Stand Out Live is a must-attend event for those who are looking to stop wasting time chasing prospects and start spending time doing your life’s work. Nowadays, you must cut through the white noise.

In just a 24-hour time period:

  • 294 billion emails are sent (that’s billion with a “B”)
  • 2 million blog posts are written
  • 864,000 hours of video are uploaded…to YouTube alone!
  • 3.5 billion Google searches are conducted
  • 58 million tweets are posted
  • 4.75 billion pieces of content are shared on Facebook
(And you wonder why your latest launch didn’t get much attention!)

So what this means is that when you put your message out there, if it doesn’t make someone stop in their tracks and pay attention, much of your effort is going to go unnoticed.

At Stand Out Live, we will teach you how to get noticed by your ideal prospects, whether face-to-face or in the virtual world.

Save yourself from these costly and disheartening mistakes:

  • You go to a networking meeting and when you stand up and deliver your Elevator Speech, it doesn’t seem to get much response from the people there.
  • You send out a couple of emails to generate some interest in some program (webinar, seminar, training, etc.) you’re doing and not only don’t you get the response you wanted – the response is so lame – you hear crickets!
  • You’re on Facebook, constantly being bombarded by ads of people who supposedly do what you do and you’re wondering if there is so much “competition” in your industry, how will you ever stand out?

We’ve seen it happen too many times before. We have even face it ourselves. That’s why our commitment to you is simple:

When you choose to join us live and in-person for this 3-day intensive, we’ll teach you everything you need to know to get the precise message in front of your perfect target market so they can come to you!


Stand Out Live will be hosted at the luxurious Woodcliff Hotel and Spa, voted Rochester's top full-service hotel, conference center and spa. Nestled high atop Monroe County's hills it has the highest point of elevation in the county and affords the most breathtaking views of the Rochester Skyline, Rochester Bristol Hills and the Finger Lakes Region.

For ultimate convenience, Woodcliff is home to Horizons Restaurant that offers you a fine dining experience with fresh and imaginative dishes that are always delicious.

We've secured a room rate for out Stand Out Live attendees of just $169 per night. Each room includes glorious views and exceptional décor designed to immerse you in luxury and comfort.


I’m Nancy Roberts, CEO and co-founder of Income180 – and joining me is my President and co-founder, Chris Kenney.

Together, we’ve been called the Dynamic Duo – bringing Chris’ vast sales expertise (over 10 years as a top sales rep for a nationwide public company) and my marketing savvy from over 17 years working in and owning other consulting businesses – we know that the NUMBER ONE thing that counts in business is getting leads and closing those leads.

The strategies we focus on at Stand Out Live are ones we’ve implemented to stand out among our competitors. These aren’t just theories, these are tried and true strategies that helped us take our coaching business to over $400,000 in just three years.

You might also like to know that Chris and I are not just business partners, we are life partners too! (Not sure why – but people do always ask!)

Simply put: Our mission is to help coaches and consultants get their message out in the world. Nothing hurts us more than when we meet a woman (or man) with a burning desire to change the world that has to quit their business because they couldn’t figure out how to get enough clients.

Among our clients, we have a reputation for being different than other coaches. We don’t have huge group programs where you have no access to us. We don’t have other coaches doing the coaching for us. When you work with us, you get us! But we believe that is why we have clients come back to us again and again, and refer other business owners to us.

If you’re already a member of our Inner Circle, we welcome you back to the Stand Out Live Experience. If you are new to our community, we look forward to meeting you at the next event!




If you are interested in getting in front of a room full of your perfect prospects, contact us to learn more about our limited sponsorship opportunities.

Our Make-You-Happy STAND OUT LIVE Guarantee

Attend the first full day and be COMPLETELY satisfied or get your money back. Period. No Questions Asked.

Take in every minute. Take notes. Network like crazy. And if by the END of the first day of STAND OUT LIVE you feel it isn’t delivering on what we promised, you can turn in your materials, exit the event, and we will refund your entire registration fee. So you risk nothing – not one single penny. Your commitment is important to the success of this event and there are no refunds for non-participation.